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all bids, no trumps

today I learned why the sky is blue, why the leaves change colors in the fall, and what causes static electricity. I was really disturbed by the example of hats and hair in relation to static electricity - it's the result of a hat stealing your electrons!!!!! don't think too much about how indistinct you are, it can really start spiraling in some weird directions.
anyway... for some reason in the past I couldn't quite grasp the rayleigh effect. I mustn't have been reading it with enough focus, because it's not super-difficult. it's also to blame for blue eyes! sometimes science is fun.
I'm also nearly done with my book on the stock market crash (1929).
here are some pictures from the muppets take manhattan, an unexceptional offering from henson studios... seriously, an actual wedding? setting that kind of precedent is dangerous.

his disguises are great, because kermit is just about always great, but there's no follow-up. he's basically been abandoned by the screenwriter. he gets all dressed up and visits some producer, but ultimately, his proposal ends up in the garbage. he's clearly exhausted by this kind of trickery, but it doesn't benefit him at all - and we never hear from that producer again! what was the point? I was disappointed by the loose plot and lack of sam the eagle.

usually I like piggy, but she didn't accomplish much. chasing that guy down in the park was good (because it led to the jogger who couldn't believe kermit would give another woman "the huggies") and in this scene with the construction workers she goes absolutely berserk. honestly, if you're in a duel, you'd have a hard time choosing between piggy, animal, or sam as your second.

howEVER: I cannot criticize the movie without mentioning kermit's amnesia. he ends up in an advertising firm with three other frogs name jill, gil, and bill. kermit thinks he's named phil (actually, he gets some inspiration from a nearby poster and declares himself "phil philip"), and he speaks in the same strange, lilting way that these other frogs speak. AND THEN HE MAKES PIG JOKES TO PIGGY. "Maybe you expected me to go HOG-wild? Perhaps you could bring home the BACON! Ahhh... the sounds of love: su-EEEEE! Oink, oink!"

it's magical.