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you have to be

today's pt session didn't make me throw up so that's cool~
(I got a lecture about how archaeology is Not All Fun & Mayan Temples
people like to lecture me because I'm allergic to interrupting)
3 days, 22 days, ??
yesterday, I got a new passport, $30, & some soda in the mail

thinking: apartment, german expat area of puxi
(If I spend all my time in china with germans
I'm doing it wrong)

33 pictures since I discovered how the tablet works.
wrote 5000+ words of a new story tonight
I think I'm retelling the same story over and over,
not because I'm trying to get it right,
but because I don't know how to do anything else.
but, I guess, slowly, they cannibalize one another
and start to become really complex.

once, the A-team fought the nazis, who were building a nuclear reactor
(hannibal pronounces it "noo•kyoo•ler," for shame)
[note: I feel like their humor really picks up in season 3!!]

quick, dr. fletchmaster, what do you have to say about nazis in south america with a nuclear base?!

yes, I agree...