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there's this ring by alexander mcqueen in the shape of a skull with a fly on its forehead. it's so tacky, the way my ed hardy boots are - well, somewhere between tacky and gaudy - so of course I want it. I really think sometimes I'm a totally gauche kind of person. in other news, I want to own a pocket watch. (one where you can see the gears.) I always had bad luck with watches as a kid, I could end them in like a month so after I had about 5 or 6 in one year I just gave up.

I'm watching sherlock holmes. he's so much more fun on tv (he's so wonderfully dyspeptic) than in the stories, where he just tells you how he solved the mystery after the fact. my favorite thing in the tv show is when watson (or someone) starts laughing and sherlock, who is only vaguely human, looks around the room before barking like a dog in an imitation of mirth. it's extra-fabulous whenever the other people keep laughing so he stops and then does it again and looks totally pleased with himself. speaking of stories, the one I was working on is 100% dead in the water. typical. I was on a big reading and writing kick, but now all I want to do is play the piano and watch bad (or excellent?) japanese dramas.

I've been watching this thing called "chiller drive in," it's essentially locally produced and it's about this guy who dresses up like a werewolf and then shows old b horror movies. last night it was "the horror of spider island" or something like that, and before that "santa conquers the martians." the absolute best line from last night was when this guy picks up a hammer and says: "This hammer has a long handle. Undoubtedly for excavating metals, most likely uranium."

yes, I always excavate my uranium with hammers.

I voted for brandon inge to be in the MLB all-star game. I would support a brandon inge for president campaign, actually, as I think he's awesome. his sidekick can be malkin and when Inge can't accomplish things with charity and grace and light, malkin can swoop in and punch some noses or whatever. (I kid from love~)

I've also been watching lots of wild wild west lately. it's this tv show from idk the 60s or 70s and it's american, not british, whoa and I might have a huge crush on james west's fashion fabulous ways. (that's actually not in question at all.) the fourth of july came and went and my summer is slipping out from under me.


um, speaking of dorky, I did some research on jobs with the FBI and one of the languages they like people to know is japanese. so I now have a legitimate reason, leading ultimately to useful application, for studying japanese. I've spent like the past week studying grammar and learning one of ~three~ new exciting alphabets