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feelin' good, jcq

Once, I got in trouble for not paying attention during a lecture about citations. It became quite a fuss (at one point I was threatened with an in-school suspension??), but in the end, I was the only person in the class to give a presentation with the correct citation format. I still had to give the person I ignored an apology, and she deigned to call me "clever." My opinion of administrative officials and formal education has been tumbling down a rocky hill ever since.

Anyway, I recently attempted to watch Interview With a Vampire because a) Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as vampires sounds promising, doesn't it? and b) everyone else seems to have seen and enjoyed it. This was my impression of the first 15 minutes, before I gave up:

Wick, W. & Marzollo, J. (1996). I SPY Spooky Night. New York: Scholastic Inc.