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so at my appointment today I got no news other than the go-ahead to fly to china & permission to lift 20-30 pounds (40? 50? 60 lbs = no no no). I sat in a parking lot, returned a book and set of DVDS by proxy, threw some bread into a forest, drove a friend to the hospital, and then had an hour-long conversation with another friend in an apartment with bare walls, lit by one small yellow light, at a table too small for two people. It was like che & fidel, only a 60s sitcom where they talk about their mild auditory hallucinations and roommates' poor nutrition (ritz bitz, graham crackers, popcorn, peanut butter, vanilla wafers...) um so anyway, like, what was I talking about?

like two years ago I drew this:

and also called it dracula and the karma killers. but I'd completely forgotten about it when I drew my halloween fauxster! (no I will not stop using this term.)

the karma killers: BEYOND THRILLING? I think as a band their instruments are the shamisen, harmonica, and thumb piano. dracula provides the questionable vocals & tambourine beat, because man loves a hair band but he's got these butterfingers, see.

their two hit songs, "creeping fog, wolf killa" and "why didn't you love me (for real) feat. mina & DJ renfield LIFEFORCE (radio remix)" both reached #1 on the deerhoof-animal collective target audience polls. mina parlayed this success into her own #1 hit, "I walk in my sleep," which was just barely beaten by "don't cry little sister" for a spot in the lost boys soundtrack.

for a
fight" = I want this tshirt it's like poetry.

it's been a long day and I'm exhausted, ok?